Roxy Lentz designs are "Uncommon jewelry for independent women." The artist uses a blend of recyled elements with patina and texture to create her one of a kind pieces. Each piece has a story and is inspired by things that the average person might overlook. Lentz creates her incredible works of art from recylced silver serving dishes and more. As she says "Man makes...a wall to control his environment, then life and elements slowly decompose his work to bring it back to nothing. In the interim, I see beauty."




  • Materials: Silver, Patina, Brass
  • Shape: Bib Necklace
  • Closure: Hook Clasp
  • Reversible
  • Length: 21 inches
  • Pendant Drop: just over 2 inches 
  • Handmade in Indiana




Rozy Lentz Silver Bib Necklace